overfilling from down jackets

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  • Sustainability - Parkasite is not a disposable product!
  • For Parkasite products: these are getting old - Parkasite has been around for over 20 years ...
  • Or should be filled up later.
  • Or a repair is necessary ...
  • Or a wash is due.
  • Or wear is visible.
  • Or washed wrong - happens ...
  • Oh fright, a burn hole ...
  • The filling of the goose down depends on the outer material.
  • We do not overfill that the chambers do not withstand the additional weight and break the seams after half a year - but as much as desired, but only as much as possible.
  • With overfilling / service, an exact offer can only be submitted after viewing the product.
  • Suitable for down clothing or parkasite gear of high quality
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