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    Shipping costs - The shipping costs are within the BRD 10,00 Euro, within the EU 23,00 Euro and 56,00 Euro outside the EU.
    The shipping costs include the costs of packaging. Also the possibly incurred transport insurance.
    Payment - Payment can be made by bank transfer SEPA or Wise with credit card.

Package tracking number: After the shipment you will only be informed about the package number for the package tracking. Parkasite does not disclose personal information to third parties - EU privacy policy regulation and German laws, we have to stop the service of automatic package information and parcel tracking.

Your delivery address data must be transmitted to the parcel service provider. If you do not want this, please note it in the note box when ordering. It is then checked the possibility of delivery by carrier pigeon.
    Copyright Parkasite - All texts, photos, videos and graphic designs used on this internet presence are created by Parkasite and protected by copyright. If you want to use parts of it, please contact the site operator. He will then establish contact with the author or authorized user.
    Down and quality - Parkasite uses only 100% new, pure goose down - class I - percentage-down-feathers are shown in the product description. Product of animal origin.
    Other product ingredients - Push buttons stainless steel, YKK zippers, Glossshell 100% polyamide nylon - non-animal products.
    Children's clothing - children's clothing is not offered and not made. Parkasite offers no products for and for sale by minors. Our products can only be purchased by adults or people over the age of 18.
Social Media - Parkasite is still represented but no longer linked in the Parkasite because of and in accordance with the EU data protection regulation and the German laws. Further decisions until the final clarification / procedure remain to be seen.
Product lengths and widths - sizes - For all sizes that differ from the standard sizes - short, wide or long - the product can be adjusted. There are several variations that allow the product to be adjusted in widths and lengths. Up to 170 cm waist circumference and 230 cm body height was a lot possible ...
Size extra roomy or extra wide - The product is expanded in thebody circumference, but the sleeve and leg length of the size remains unchanged. Depending on the size and filling weight, the product will be 10-20 cm farther than the standard size.
Size extra long: The product is extended in the hull length, but the body size of the size remains unchanged. An extension is possible around full chambers in their desired number. Likewise, the reduction by whole chambers is possible.
Extra long arm: Here, for example, the body size XL can be combined with the sleeve length XXL. Or be extended over full chambers of the sleeves.
Filling weights - From the cute named "Frostbite", the normal user, to the hidden down lover until to the extreme down lover: everyone should adapt to his wishes, preferences and needs his product and the corresponding filling weight.
The "filling weight" area in the product compilation is often very advisory intensive. Do not be shy, take advantage of the possibility of inquiry. The rough categorization would be: winter, overfill and extreme. In the extreme section, it depends on the product and the desired size, how high the filling weight can be selected here. Often there is still room to fill in a little more than indicated in the selection. From product to product and from size to size very variable ...
    A small selection of the realized additional wishes of the past: 2 hoods on a parka, double waist cord, snow guard with additional drawstring, hood after sketch, pockets from the product to another product, different seam colors, without sleeves, double zippers, closing devices, collar height as desired, adapted for the handicapped, combination synthetic fiber with down, double outer material, Sewn 2 identical products of different sizes into one product .... over the years it was so much and different ...
    The most extreme things, was Parkasite has ever produced? A coat for a theater doll with 3 m length and a down comforter in the measure 5 m x 5 m.
    Does not exist! - I would like a product, but it is not offered in the Parkasite? Get in touch with Parkasite, send your detailed ideas and wishes, a self-made sketch and your price limit. Note: Parkasite finished no product copies of other manufacturers.
    Parkasite is expensive? Nooo - product filling weight divided by square meters, plus high-quality product ingredients, each product is put together individually, receives their desire detail, it is absolutely new, just to name a few points.
    Sample parts, stock items, Glossshell as a meter sale - sometimes yes, just ask ...
    Hole, crack, repairs, changes, down remove or overfill of a Parkasite product - please contact us, give the invoice number or customer number, write a short description of the damage/change and if possible, send a photo ...
    It is the question, how long Parkasite with the orientation of the offer and the company philosophy "production according to the wishes of the customer" in the EU unification can still exist ??? If the guarantee of the implementation of the customer's wishes has to be deleted by EU laws, is the head office to relocated ... without discussion ... People, their sizes, preferences and desires, are not bananas or light bulbs to EU standard template.

If, as a website operator, you are more afraid of non-compliant legal names and warnings, as informative product descriptions, each website is more like a law book than a product presentation and information, the possibility of company change regarding the location should be checked.

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