down washing order

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Always use them for washing clothing or sleeping bags with down filling a down detergent. Down detergent are re-greasing and protects the quality of the down.
Do not give your down clothing or sleeping bags to the dry-cleaning.
Clothing and sleeping bags with down filling can be washed with by hand or in the machine. Washing temperature 30° C to 40° C in the already or normal wash walk.
Please rinse after the wash-walk with down-detergent the clothing or the sleeping bags 2 additionally 3 x, in order to remove the detergent completely. Don't use conditioner or other washing additives, strength, liquid impregnation or bleach.
Hurl the clothing or the sleeping bags with the lowest slingshot-number. Let drip the clothing or the sleeping bags in the washing machine during the night.
Drying of the clothing or sleeping bags is very good in the tumbler on lowest temperature.
The clothing can hang up also to drying at a warm place. Please avoid direct sun-irradiation. Shake the clothing or sleeping bags again and again easily, in order to distribute the down in the chambers evenly again.
  Their down clothing or down sleeping bags will thank it them with much warmth!  
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